About Us

About Us

MATH OPS INC. is a Canadian owned and registered company operating out of Caledon and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are an educational games, company.

In December 2018 MATH OPS, for players aged 9-11 was launched. The other age groups (6-8 and 12+) will be launched in the near future. And coming soon we will also be offering a wide range of MATH OPS branded educational related products all at competitive prices.

Origin of MATH OPS©

MATH OPS© is poised to become the world’s most exciting MATH board game! It was conceived as a way of overcoming the real or perceived fear of Mathematics especially by primary and middle-schoolers.

The insight to call this game MATH OPS© came with the realization “eureka moment” by the inventor that indeed most of what we do in MATH are operations (hence MATH OPS), be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing etc.

The primary goal of MATH OPS is to increase the efficacy (mindfulness) or aptitude of kids so that they can engage in knowledge building, creative thinking and problem solving around math processes and concepts.

The secondary goal of MATH OPS is to bring families together, for example, a parent(s) playing MATH OPS as homework with their child(ren) or the entire family having a blast doing Mathematics together and having fun with it.

The tertiary goal of MATH OPS is to have teachers/educators use the game as a check in:

  1. For knowledge and understanding;
  2. Of assessment for Learning;
  3. As an incentive for students to engage in intentional “play”; and
  4. As an assessment of cumulative learning whether the end of a strand/topic or unit or school term.

As an educator and inventor, my challenge was to design an educational game that had a “balance” of fun along with age appropriate mathematical knowledge and understanding of concepts.

This “journey” led to game spots such as HELP, SWAP and eventually MATH UP, as the game evolved, to mimic events in a regular classroom.

As the evolution of MATH OPS continued I added PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE, DETENTION, GYM and FREE TIME to truly compliment the classroom experience for players since kids and even adults are able to relate to these game spots albeit in a school setting or environment.

The icing on the cake was “SPOILER ALERT” which is the “kicker” in the game with players having the power to send each other back to START to begin a new revolution around the board so as to gain an advantage or edge.

Added to all this excitement was the evolution of the game revolution “marker” – the OPS coins. These beautifully designed “markers” or OPS coins come in “powers of 10” and are represented as denominations of $10, $100, $1,000, 10,000, $100,000 and finally, $1,000,000.

After many, many long hours and tedious editing and chopping and changing of the rules, the questions, layout and game pieces and prototypes, I decided to have the game manufactured. That in a nutshell is the story of MATH-OPS©!

Please get your copy of MATH OPS right away and let’s have fun learning MATH!